Went to see my gorgeous two friends Emma and Debbie competing today. And they were both stunning. Emma placed 3rd in bikini fitness and Debbie 2nd in Body fitness. Absolutely amazing.
Makes me even more excited for mine! Feel so ready(well not really, but in a way) to hit that stage.
And have a strawberry mojito, and baileys and wine, and champagne and ye, alcohol, and cheese, dont forget the cheese.. Been sober for nearly 3 months now, and its been fine. I dont miss the hangovers, but i do miss do have a drink now and again, im not gonna lie. But I will probably be sooooo hangover on the 25th, that i probably want to stay sober for another 3 months ha.

I also purchased this bad boy today. So I can have my dear beloved missed coffee in the morning. Not the biggest fan of black coffee, so a few drops of some badass vanilla sweetener does the trick!


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