Been busy, busy the last couple of days. So thats why not updates. Today its 2 weeks until the competition! And im getting so excited! Had an mazing(but painful) massage today with my friend Elaine. Did some miracle work on my body. All this hard workout at the gym really tightens up the muscles and causes tension. I will tell you more about her and what she does another day.
From monday on starts new even stricter diet. Cutting out certain food, so its gonna be two hard weeks now! And then showtime. Eeek!
Β Now gonna do some more sunbathing to top up that tan!
Throwing in a super easy fresh drink recipe. Its very light and fresh. Some smoothies can get really heavy and fills you up to much, but this little fresh drink is great if you fancy something nice and light. Might even be nice with a bit of vodka in it? πŸ˜›
Its so easy to make you can do it with your eyes closed.
You will need:
Fresh lime juice
In the blender and ta daa!

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