Its been nearly a year since I wrote a blogpost. A lot has happened since that time. Im now living in Edinburgh, Scotland. And continued my healthy lifestyle and now in the process of getting a degree in Nutrition.

Over the last 6 months I have read and researched a lot about diets, nutrition and healthy living. And you know what, its driving me mad. There so many different studies, theories and opinions on everything, I honestly dont know what is right. However, I understand that we are all different, we have different metabolism, react different to certain kinds of food and some of us are intolerant or allergic to different foods. We also have different visions and opinions on what is right for us. Although I cant stop thinking, there must be one way of healthy eating that is suitable for all of us? For our health and our environment. 

I am now currently prepping for my next Bikini Fitness Competition. Through out this next couple of months I will share with you my progress, recipes and what new things I come across that is related to Nutrition.


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