You know when you pour yourself a nice warm bath. Planning to enjoy it for a long time, feeling the heat around you and have no worries in the world. Then 10 minutes later you wanna get out, because the heat from the water is too much, feel like you areย roasting and simply makes you uncomfortable. You then get out with a relief and get a bad countiouns as you wasted all that water. Is it just me?

Yesterday I had a nice relaxing night with some wine and just simply me time. Much needed after a long week. Didnt go to the gym as I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes its no point pushing your body if it doesn’t want to.






This morning was fairly relaxed as well. Did my nails. I bought all the equipment you need to do shellac on your nails at home yourself. Probably the best purchase I’ve done in years! It is so easy and the set only costed me just over 50 quid from amazon. Imagine all the money I’ve saved! Although it can get a bit boring as it does take longer to do them yourself. But I can now finally always have nice long nails, without worrying about me biting them(yes I’m a nail biter) and also save a hell of a lot of money.
You can find the kit here.





Now I’m going to do some housekeeping. Have a family member coming over for a few days, so I might need to delay the diet for one day. If I went straight on the ketogenic diet it wouldn’t be an issue, but since Im startingย of with fat fasting it wouldn’t be ideal. If we were to go for dinner/lunch etc. Its not very often I get visits from home! Have a lovely weekend guys!

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