So the 3 days of fat fasting is over. In total I lost 2 kg(ca 4.5 pounds). So what they said was right. And I was in ketosis by day 2.

The 2nd and 3rd day was the hardest. I can say I was struggling. Since I wasnt eating any carbs and of course my calorie intake was low, I constantly felt “empty”, not always hungry, but as I said, My stomach couldn’t be any flatter. But the feeling of “emptiness” made me feel hungry, or wanting to eat something to fill my stomach up.
I think I was eating a bit more on day 2 and 3. However, my goal with this was to get in ketosis quickly. And I reached in the middle of the scale. Also my Nutrition friend got in ketosis very quickly and he have lost about 8 kg in 4.5 days! It just shows you what different food compositions can do to your body.


I just want to clarify, I do not think carbs are the enemy. As they are not. Loads of other diets I’m going to go through will have carbs in them. Although the ketogenic diet is a lifestyle for many, and maybe(?) the easiest way to lose weight for people who struggle with their weight.
Many may also say it is a better way of eating for over all health. But I do not agree or disagree on this.


Summary so far is that I do not have any particular cravings. There is so much good food (both sweet and savoury) you can make on this diet, if you are a bit creative, it’s not hard (and the fact that I can eat peanut butter out of the jar makes me very happy). I also so far today (it’s nearly 4 o’clock) only had two meals. Normally I would at least have 4! And I’m not feeling hungry, bloated or any other negative feelings. I do however feel that my energy levels in the gym are lower than before. However, I’ve been on very low calories and you have to be keto adapted before your energy levels are back to normal.

I’ll explain the difference between being in ketosis and keto adapted later.


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