Every now and again I get a message on Facebook from someone who wants advice on nutrition and fitness.

I always happily answer as this is something I want to do for a living one day. Helping people reaching their goal brings me happiness, seeing someone changing their life around makes me happy. So please, don’t be shy if you want some advice or two. (you can also email me:


Anyhow, the other day I had an individual asking if there is anyway to speed up the process.

My answer to this person was that as long as you eat right and train right, there’s not really anyway to “speed up the process”. Of course certain supplements can help to give results a bit quicker. Or if you’re a total idiot you can use drugs.
But a few days after I realised I didn’t really say what is really right to eat and how the right way to train.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe simple answer is that there isn’t really a right answer for either. One diet might be optimal for one, but for another person it will not be.

Your body is changing all the time. If you were on certain diet 1 year ago and you lost x amount of fat, that doesn’t mean it is going to work for you again. It could of course, it could work better or not as good as last time. This is why it is important to be aware of your body’s changes and what happens if you eat certain types of food compared to others.
But of course there are little “guidelines” you can follow to make things simpler. Myself for instance, my meals most likely have to consist of more protein that carbs and more carbs than fat. I also find that eating more meals helps. But I know this works for me, its maybe not super optimal, but if I’m not on a diet and just want to keep my body in check and see some results. I also add in some half fasting days to make sure my body doesn’t get used to the diet. So I will still lose body fat, but at a very slow rate and build muscles. This works. For me.

When it comes to training. It’s basically the same theory. Your body changes all the time. Your body is very clever and get used to your training routine very easily. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your training exercises often. I’ve had the same training routine for at least 6 months now. Sometimes I change the exercises if I get bored. But that’s not very often. Only difference is that I lift heavier maybe every 2nd-3rd week. I lift to failure, 7-9 reps 3 sets. In every single exercise you are “shocking” the muscles as you were lifting heavier little by little. Your body doesn’t get used to your training. And don’t worry girls, you’re not going to get man arms even though you lift heavy. It took me ca 2 years before I felt I actually had a decent size of muscles on me. Unless you are blessed with amazing genetics. Dont worry. My advice to girls who don’t want visible muscles but want to change their shape of their body, train heavy back (especially the lat muscles) and bum. A wider back gives a nice illusion of a smaller waist and everyone like a big bum.  And add in some oblique training as well, as that’s fucking sexy. (And more muscles = a faster metabolism)

But there’s no right way to train, certain training methods will be more optimal than others. And there’s hundreds of different ways to train. I found this to be the easiest for me(but still to find out if there is a better one), and that’s for someone who has a hard time putting on muscles as well.

In simple terms;
Train hard to build muscles and speed up metabolism 
Train high intensity for a more fat loss/cardio effect



Just to say I wont start a new diet experiment until February as I’m going away on holiday in the end of the month, and still in holiday mode after Christmas and want to go back to normal eating habits before you throw myself at a new diet.

Also, is there anything in particular my readers want me to write about? What do you prefer reading about? More studies, day-to-day life, more gym, more nutrition? You tell me! Leave a comment below x




  1. hi 🙂 first of all, your blog is soo inspiring. keep up the good work. Second of all, how the hell do i get a sixpack? i have heard they are made mostly in the kitchen, but i think im pretty ripped at the time. or i’m i? Would loved it if you could write some words about wich exercises you prefer and so on 🙂 xo


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 thank you I’m glad to hear that!

      I did actually write a post about some time ago you can find it here:

      It’s easier to see your abs if you are lean. But if you build a bit of volume on your abs it’s easier to see even though you’re not ripped 🙂 personally I like to do ab exercises that focus on lower abs and obliques. As your upper and middle abs will get trained anyways! Hope that helped ! X


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