It’s soon to be a month since the festive season finished, and I’m still finding it hard to “go back to normal”. Still not really gotten back to a proper gym routine, and my diet have been more 50/50 than 80/20 which I prefer. For instance this weekend I have laid under the covers with a 2 day hangover instead of actually doing something productive and useful with my time. What a waste.



From time to time I miss being on a prep. I miss having a strict daily schedule, get up 45 minutes early to make sure I do my morning cardio, pack my gym bag and food for the day. Have an easy relaxed breakfast while watching my daily YouTube videos. If I don’t have a proper routine in my life, I get pretty lazy. I am a real lazy person. Which I don’t like.

The fact that I’m going away on a little holiday this Thursday as well is not helping. Is it ok to use a whole month to get back to normal?


I’m the kinda person who need new goals to work towards to stay on track. If I havent got something to challenge myself in, I get bored. And Netflix and series become my best friend. Normally I can easily find what to do next, but this year I don’t really know what I want to do? Start a new sport? Do another competition? Start a new hobby? Give me ideas please..




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