Now, before I say anything. I want to make it clear that breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is no “miracle” meal. If you like to eat breakfast eat it. If you can’t function without a meal to start the day, eat it. If you are not hungry in the morning and don’t need food to get you ready for the day, don’t eat it. But, if you tend to eat an unhealthy lunch or late morning snack because you didn’t eat breakfast, you should definitely eat breakfast. In all fairness, breakfast is fantastic, tastes great and it’s my favorite part of the morning. However, I only eat breakfast when I’m hungry and can sometimes eat breakfast hours after I’ve woken up.

Moving on – Here’re my top 9 breakfast tips!

Scrambled eggs, salad with tomato and Italian dressing and sandwich tins with REAL butter: Simple, super yummy and easy.



Vanilla protein shake: For those who are in a rush or just a little bit hungry. Add half a banana or berries to add some carbohydrates and nutrients.


Fried eggs and sauteed kale: This takes less than 5 minutes to make! Easy and super nutritious. Use seasoning like garlic and chilli to it. To cook the kale super quick: add a dash of water to the pan!


Poached eggs on avocado and toast: An absolute classic. Super tasty and easy. Use a good quality bread (spelt or whole meal) or Ryvita. Add some chilli flakes for a kick!


Green veg and eggs: Perfect if you have leftover vegetables in the fridge, any veggies works with this one! Cook up the veg and crack a few eggs. Season with garlic, salt and pepper. Also, perfect for lunch! (Here I’ve used kale and zucchini)


Granola, greek yoghurt, fruit and honey: This one is quite filling, but also very high in sugar. Maybe swap the granola with oats, make your own granola or make sure you use a granola that is low in sugar. Or skip the honey! Or it can be eaten as a weekend treat!


Protein pancakes: So many ways you can cook them and they taste amazing. Perfect for you that have a sweet tooth in the morning! Recipes herehere and here.




Protein with oats and fruit: Make the oats and add in the protein. This is one of my favorites! Eat with some fruits for more flavour and nutrients!


Greek yoghurt, banana, peanut butter and sweet freedom syrup: A high protein breakfast! Can also be eaten as a dessert. Sweet freedom Syrup is a healthier alternative to use for sweetness made from sugars from fruit and it taste amazing!



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