Before I give you a lovely smoothie recipe for just everyone! Gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, you name it. Just gonna update you on my running. If you don’tĀ care – jump to the bottom šŸ™‚

The plan was to run 3 times a week. Last week, I did: one 20-minute run, a 30-minute run, then a 20-minute run again. The final run of every week is supposed to be the longest – however, it just didn’t turn out that way. I have exercise-induced asthma, and it’s a struggle when I’m running outside. The 30-minute run, I had difficulties with breathingĀ at the end, so long distance running won’t be easy until I get an inhaler. But have plenty of time anyway. Currently running(jogging) 1 km in 6 minutes – and that’s without really pushing myself. Not great, but its a start! BUT GUYS, IM ACTUALLY RUNNING! (and not completely hating it, bonus!)

Now, fancy an AMAZING protein packedĀ (without protein powder) smoothie recipe!?

Had this treat for breakfast this morning and it was TASTY. You can, of course, change the berries to which you prefer!2.jpg



Add everything in a blender for 1 minute, and ta-da! ENJOY!


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