As mentioned in my previous blog post, I said I was going to do carb cycling a little bit different from what everyone else does. I am having my high carb days on rest days and the day after heavy tranining sessions. And I’ll tell you why:

So lets say you train late afternoon/evening – you have eaten maybe 60-70 % of your total food intake that day  – you go to the gym, you do your heavy workout, you go home and have a meal or 2. The next day you’re having a low carb day…
Lets get some facts straight first.

  1. To build muscles you need to eat more food than usual. As the muscles needs energy to build up the muscles tissues you just teared up. 
  2. When you eat a meal, it doesn’t digest right away. It (normally) takes around 6-8 hours (of course this depending on the meal, if you are male/female etc) for it to be fully absorbed and digested.
  3. The average time for muscle recovery is 48 hours
  4. After lifting weights you’re (hopefully) in an anabolic state and your metabolism is on a higher speed than usual.
  5. If not enough food is ingested the body have to use stored fat or protein or/and muscle tissue for fuel.
  6. Stored body fat cannot be transformed to muscles
  7.  Carbs promotes faster recovery, prevent muscle breakdown and helps support muscle growth.

That being said, it should make absolutely sense why you should eat MORE food the day AFTER  a heavy training day??

No? Still not clear yet? Right let’s try to explain:

Your muscles need more food after you’ve been lifting as it needs it to support muscle growth. If you are having a low carb day after your heavy lifting day there is not enough food to support this and your body will need to use stored fat or protein/muscle tissue as a reserve. What does this mean?

You might burn more fat, BUT you might not build muscles as fast or maybe not at all.

Another thing to mention is that if you have a high carb day on heavy training days you might just burn off all the food you’ve been consuming all day and not use stored body fat for fuel.

Fuck, if that doesn’t make sense to you I don’t know.

But Dina, I need carbs for energy to support my heavy leg sesh – Shut up. Most of this is all in your head. You do not have to go zero carb on low carb days, and you should get more than enough food and energy during that day for your workout. Have a coffee pre gym if you need a bit of a boost. (PS. On your high carb days you are putting more fuel in your body for the next days training sesh)

All that being said, this isn’t something new I just figured out in my head. I know that some coaches uses this approach (as I’ve worked with one), but they don’t say this out loud, obviously.

But why isn’t everyone saying the opposite to what I just said? Honestly I don’t know, I might be completely wrong. But for me this sounds like the more logical approach.

And for a final note, who really wants to have a rest day with no carbs? Like seriously?

Note* If you are training in the morning I would go for a high carb day that day and a moderate one the following day.



So after writing my tips on a happy life this Saturday. I started to really have a think about it, and I actually have more to share with you.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”
– Dalai Lama


  • Be grateful for everything. This one is so important. Most of us have a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and money in the bank account. Many people do not have that. Be grateful for your job, your family, your friends, if you have a healthy body and that you can walk, talk and see. Be grateful for EVERYTHING.
  • Doesnt matter how bad things are at the time, time will always heal, and things will ALWAYS get better. Just look at the positivity that comes out of it, there is always one thing.
  • Visualise. Having a bad day? Visualise about something good. Something you want to happen and get excited about it. Your mood will change in a second! *I do this one regularly
  • If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never change your goal. If you really want something in life, you will get it. One way or another as long as you want it enough. Always dream big.


  • Do to people what you would like them to do to you. You always wanted a surprise birthday party? Throw one for your friend! Imagine if everyone did this..
  • Budget your money. Having money trouble, I personally think is the worst kind of feeling. Id rather eat pot noodles all week than having that ugly feeling of that I might struggle to pay my rent or bills. If you are a student like me or your bank account isn’t the best looking. Budget your money, spend your money wisely on things that you need. You don’t need a new dress every time you go out or the latest new gadgets.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat good, exercise and make sure you are feeling good. Make yourself happy, as you are the only person who knows best.



I’m all about happiness and have a positive attitude about life. Some people think I’m living in a somewhat kinda fairytale bubble, as I’m never really worried about anything. I’m most certainly an optimist. But for me this is the ideal way of living.

I would like to share how I create a positive life.


  • Mistakes are one of the best experiences you can have. I love making mistakes, well maybe not at the time, but I get so grateful after I’ve done one, as I now I know I wont be every doing that again. Not only to I learn from it, but I get smarter and find other ways to do it. Knowledge is power.
  • There is ALWAYS something good in everything. It doesn’t matter if you had a bad breakup or you had a backstabbing friend. You learn from it, it gave something to your life. Always look at the bright side of whatever or whoever have done something to hurt you, as there is always a bright side.
  • Never worry. Stop it. It doesn’t do you any good. You get stressed, you get that bad stomach feeling. And it’s not a very pleasant feeling either. Of course sometimes you just cant help it, but change your mindset and think of what good things can happen, not the bad things.


  • Always do it. Unless you can hurt someone or yourself. If there is anything I’m not sure if I want to do, and that could be anything, I most likely go for it unless its going to hurt someone or I die. 9 times out of 10 I do it. If it goes bad, well then you learned from a mistake. It’s not that bad.
  • Make other people happy. This is my favorite one. Making other people happy is the greatest pleasure of all.
  • SMILE.


  • People around you are important, but always put yourself first when you can. You must be happy in your own skin before you can make people around you happy.
  • Talk about your feelings. Doesnt matter if you have a little issue or a big one. Talk to someone about it, get advice and move on. Dont build it up inside you.


How do you create your happy life?



We girls are some funny creatures. And what most of us women want to look slim and be sexy. Although we still put ourself through misery when it comes to dieting. I’ve summed up 5 points that I think every woman should know.

  1. Youve heard it before, but I’m saying it again. Lifting weight wont make you muscular. (Unless you want it to) If you are one of those girls who go to the gym maybe a few times a week, picking up the smallest weights and do mostly do body weight exercises and cardio as you are afraid of looking like a man. Youre SO WRONG. If you don’t follow  a somewhat eating plan and getting enough food in you, you will NEVER get big muscles. And it takes VERY long time before that even happens. Lifting heavy weights is much better for you as you will shape your body, strengthen it, you’ll have more energy and also lifting weights will make your body burn of fat even after you’ve done your work out. Which cardio does not. 30 min is enough. Get lifting.
    *note that if you have never lifted before (includes both men and women), you will see quicker results that someone who have lifted for years.

  2. Alcohol cannot be stored as body fat. Most girls try not to eat much before a night out. And it is normally 2 reasons for this. 1. They want to get drunk easily (= cheap night out) or 2. they know what they will consume much more calories than they do normally, and want to save those calories for the drinks. Alcohol can not be stored as body fat. The only reason people tend to gain weight if they drink a lot is because alcohol goes first in the line of what the body wants to metabolize (Alcohol > Carbs > Protein > Fat). So if you have a night snack when you get home or a hangover pizza the next day, the body is too busy to get the poison (yes alcohol is classified as poison to the body) metabolised. And what you consume after (up to 12(if not more) hours after your last drink) will come in second line, resulting in a very slow metabolism and that will most likely be stored as fat. BUT I’m not saying you shouldnt eat after you’ve been on a night out! Hell no. Eat foods that is easy for the body to digest.

  3. It is not scary to go to the gym. I know this one, as when I started to take lifting serious I felt uncomfortable going to the gym or even worse – going to the lifting area. As that place is mainly dominated by men. Big, muscular scary men. My advice to you is to just put some headphones in your ears and keep yourself to yourself. I still do this. Just focus on you. And if you are unsure how to do an exercise correctly – Ask people who works there. They are there to help you. Or look at others doing it or even easier – look at some youtube videos.

  4. Calories doesn’t matter. It is what you eat that does matter. Eating a small amount of calories a day is bad for your health. Stop it, eat foods that are nutritious, eat when you are hungry and eat untill you are satisfied. Dont count calories. It will only make you obsessed.

  5. Going on crash diets fucks up your body. All these nonsense of juiceplus, herbalife or any meal replacements. “Cleansing” diets that promise you to drop x amount of body weight in x amount of time or bloody diet pills. Dont be stupid and waste your money. You are only resulting in hurting your health and your bank account. There is no miracle cure out there and proper nutritious eating habits and exercise is the only thing you need. You should read this brilliant article:

    The Truth Behind Herbalife and Juiceplus Meal Replacement Shakes




Yesterday I wrote a quick brief on why fast food, cakes, biscuits.. Pretty much everything we people classify as unhealthy , isn’t really that unhealthy as we say it is (excludes sugary sweets such as gummy bears and sweets made with pretty much just sugar and glucose, they have no beneficial nutrients to your body). Take a piece of cake for example (preferably the one your mom made). Do you know how much protein it is in a piece of cake? No, normally you just think about all the sugar and the fat. And yes the sugar is bad. But there is so much other good stuff put together in that cake!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people who decides to go on a diet, they normally go all in, cut out all “bad” foods and start to struggle pretty quickly. Going on a strict diet isn’t just hard, it is mentally hard. And it’s not really ideal. The biggest problem is that people can’t stick to it. Which is pretty understandable. You can of course live on just “healthy” foods for the rest of your life if you know how to make it taste amazing. But not all of us are a 5 star chef in our own kitchen. Another issue is that after a while your body may get used to your new way of eating, and saves on the calories you consume. Do you remember I wrote that I use half-fasting days as a weight loss tool time to time? You can also use “unhealthy” foods. Having a “cheat” meal as they like to call it these days, can do wonders to your fat loss. And why is this? In simple terms it’s basically just giving your body a shock of all the calories, macros and even sugar coming in to your body as your body is not used to this. The body quickly realises there is too much energy coming in and they need to speed up the process of breaking this down. But when there is an overload with energy, normally this would be stored as fat, but since the body is working on full speed, it will burn it all of if not even more. This is also a result from all the nutrients you have put in your body the previous days, your body will work better than it have ever done before as it had all the tools it needs for an optimal metabolism. And, the most important thing, by doing this you will most definitely stay on track and get the goals you are reaching for.

So if your diet consists of mainly home cooked nutritious foods, having a “cheat” meal or even a “cheat” day can be good for weight loss. But I will say, you are better of cooking that cheat meal yourself than buying a ready meal.