Its already Thursday folks. And I do not know where the time went. Ive been having some lovely days off with my man, went away for a little get away to Lochside House Hotel and Spa, had some nice wine and food, spa treatments and just simply relaxed. Indeed needed.

If you are as crazy about Ice Cream as I am, and do not want to consume all the calories they contain, I highly recommend for you to try these fruit pops out!
You can add whatever fruit of choice, 1-2 tsp truvia(or other sweetener) and fresh lemon and/or lime juice(I added 2 lemons and 2 limes). Until desired taste.
These ones I made with watermelon, cherries and added the rest of my raspberry coulis I made last week. Pop in the freezer and enjoy on a hot summer day. If youre lucky enough not to live in Scotland ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stay happy!