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Good Morning people.

The last few weeks, no, the last month has been filled with alcohol, sweets and a lot of dining out. My birthday was at the end of May, then 1-week holiday and then I had my sister visiting.  I’ve been eating more than I would normally eat (and drink more than I normally drink) – however my weight hasn’t gone up that much, nearly nothing at all to be honest.


My weight has been set on 65 – 65.5 kgs for months now. I don’t do any special diet or eating patterns. I just eat what I want – but are conscious of my food choices and meal sizes. As you probably know – I HATE calorie or macro counting. I can’t deal with it and it’s not for me. I rather try to focus on eating nutrient dense foods and eat for health benefits rather than low calorie, high/low fat/protein/carbs.


So what do I eat? It fluctuates from week to week but here is the main foods I eat on an every day basis:

Dairy products: Greek yoghurt, Coconut milk(always in my coffee), mozzarella, eggs

Meat: Burgers(good quality beef), chicken, duck breast

Vegetables: Leafy salad, carrots, tomatoes, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes

Fruit: Avocado, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, bananas

Grains/seeds: Rice(whole grain, basmati or jasmine), Quinoa

Other: Warburtons thins rye bread, 50% less sugar ketchup, Italian salad dressing, oat cakes, peanut butter, no sugar raspberry jam


There is, of course, a lot of other foods in my diet – but these are the main ones and what I would put in my shopping basket when food shopping.
I eat when I’m hungry and I eat until I feel full. Simple as that. Eating right can be very advanced or very simple. Sometimes is just easier to go back to basic and try to eat mainly fresh produce.



“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.”

A quote from a recently purchased book with the same title. I recently got back into the single life. And I’m now all about me, self-improvement and development. I have hundreds of goals I want to achieve in this short life we have been given, and I want to make the most of it.

Today I woke up early – and that made me happy. No alarm clock just woke up before 8 am and felt refreshed. And that’s one aspect of my life I want to improve. I have always been a person who could stay in bed for hours and hours. Sleeping to 11 or 12 am was normal on the weekends (or any day off for that matter). The more hours I could get in bed, the better. My life used to be all about by my sleeping habits, and not the opposite. Time for a change!


Breakfast this morning was simple – 2 fried eggs and 2 black puddings – did you know black pudding is a super food? Super delicious too if you ask me.

Later today I headed into down to get me some Nespresso, 4 new books and sat in the princes gardens reading in the sun. What a great day. It’s the simple things in life, isn’t it?


Right now about to get ready and head to the gym. Make good choices today people. PS. Next post will be about the carb cycling diet!



We girls are some funny creatures. And what most of us women want to look slim and be sexy. Although we still put ourself through misery when it comes to dieting. I’ve summed up 5 points that I think every woman should know.

  1. Youve heard it before, but I’m saying it again. Lifting weight wont make you muscular. (Unless you want it to) If you are one of those girls who go to the gym maybe a few times a week, picking up the smallest weights and do mostly do body weight exercises and cardio as you are afraid of looking like a man. Youre SO WRONG. If you don’t follow  a somewhat eating plan and getting enough food in you, you will NEVER get big muscles. And it takes VERY long time before that even happens. Lifting heavy weights is much better for you as you will shape your body, strengthen it, you’ll have more energy and also lifting weights will make your body burn of fat even after you’ve done your work out. Which cardio does not. 30 min is enough. Get lifting.
    *note that if you have never lifted before (includes both men and women), you will see quicker results that someone who have lifted for years.

  2. Alcohol cannot be stored as body fat. Most girls try not to eat much before a night out. And it is normally 2 reasons for this. 1. They want to get drunk easily (= cheap night out) or 2. they know what they will consume much more calories than they do normally, and want to save those calories for the drinks. Alcohol can not be stored as body fat. The only reason people tend to gain weight if they drink a lot is because alcohol goes first in the line of what the body wants to metabolize (Alcohol > Carbs > Protein > Fat). So if you have a night snack when you get home or a hangover pizza the next day, the body is too busy to get the poison (yes alcohol is classified as poison to the body) metabolised. And what you consume after (up to 12(if not more) hours after your last drink) will come in second line, resulting in a very slow metabolism and that will most likely be stored as fat. BUT I’m not saying you shouldnt eat after you’ve been on a night out! Hell no. Eat foods that is easy for the body to digest.

  3. It is not scary to go to the gym. I know this one, as when I started to take lifting serious I felt uncomfortable going to the gym or even worse – going to the lifting area. As that place is mainly dominated by men. Big, muscular scary men. My advice to you is to just put some headphones in your ears and keep yourself to yourself. I still do this. Just focus on you. And if you are unsure how to do an exercise correctly – Ask people who works there. They are there to help you. Or look at others doing it or even easier – look at some youtube videos.

  4. Calories doesn’t matter. It is what you eat that does matter. Eating a small amount of calories a day is bad for your health. Stop it, eat foods that are nutritious, eat when you are hungry and eat untill you are satisfied. Dont count calories. It will only make you obsessed.

  5. Going on crash diets fucks up your body. All these nonsense of juiceplus, herbalife or any meal replacements. “Cleansing” diets that promise you to drop x amount of body weight in x amount of time or bloody diet pills. Dont be stupid and waste your money. You are only resulting in hurting your health and your bank account. There is no miracle cure out there and proper nutritious eating habits and exercise is the only thing you need. You should read this brilliant article:

    The Truth Behind Herbalife and Juiceplus Meal Replacement Shakes