I absolutely love soups. And make them regularly. Although I never tend to make the same one twice. Probably because I like to explore new flavours. It’s also not very often I follow a recipe. I like to experiment and create my own flavours. However, today I made an absolutely amazing(and very filling soup). And I followed a recipe. Normally I would go for a light version soup. But since I’m doing the keto diet and it is cold outside this soup did just the trick. Only thing that was missing was some crusty bread, but hey. One bowl of this soup and you are done for the day. I highly recommend you try it out! Only different I did with this recipe that I added some cayenne pepper.
You can find the recipe here.







I am a foodie, and I love love love cooking. Especially to experiment and try out new recipes, healthy or not. I also dont like to waste food. I normally buy a lot of fresh produce, sometimes I buy a bit too much, or I forget that i have it. So sometimes I end up throwing something that could have been a lovely meal in the bin. I dont like that.

Today for instance, I had a look through my fridge and had some veggies i needed to use. Quickly had an idea for a soup and 50 min later I have soup for the rest of the week.

I made a soup with butternut squash, peppers and some spinach who was living its last day. Threw it it in a large sauce pan with some garlic, salt and topped up with water. Made it simmer for about 35-40 min, took of the heat, blended it and added some pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, nutmeg, paprika and some more salt until my taste buds said this is it. In a soup bowl and added some oat milk and more pepper for taste. Easy, simple, done, with a good feeling that I havent wasted any food.

Making up soups like this are so easy. You can pretty much add whatever you want. Some sort of stock would probably be nicer, but unfortunately I didnt have any.

Also the best part that one of these servings are around 50 kcal give or take.

Stay happy!