A subject that I have touched on in a few blog posts is obesity. I think we all know that this is a massive problem today.
However, what I do see in the Health & (especially)Fitness industry is fat shaming. Right, some people actually needs to hear a few(a lot?) though words to actually get their ass into gear and do something about their body weight(if you chose to eat whatever you like and not caring for your body – its your fault). BUT, there is a lot of people who is overweight or obese due to biological factors. And it’s not really all about willpower anymore. Continue reading “STOP THE FAT SHAMING”


One thing that I have done, and I think many of you have as well is when wanting to lose a bit of weight we cut down on calories. Nowadays, many of us even try to be under a certain amount of calories for our dietary intake to make sure we stay on track or even lose a bit of weight. I used to calculate everything I ate(especially when on diet prep) or always tried to go for the low-calorie options.



If you follow me on my Facebook page(if not click like on the right side of this page) I recently posted a study about dietary sugars and bodyweight. Kritikos Health (Ross) came across this study and he stated on his Facebook page:



Since the first time I got introduced to a “bodybuilding” meal plan. I was told 5-6 meals a day is how you should eat, because it “speeds” up your metabolism. And thats what Ive read and heard pretty much everywhere since. And I have always tried to eat this way. People have been saying to me; “How can you eat that much?” “Isn’t it exhausting eating all the time?” “I could never bring food with me everywhere.” And so on. I normally responded with “its not for everyone” or “well if you want it enough you do it”. Simple as that. I do still live by those words. But after been reading and researching a bit lately, I have sat a question mark to the typical “6 meals a day plan”. Does it really speed up the metabolism? And is it really optimal or even necessary? 

When I first came across articles telling me you do not need to consume your calories over 6 meals a day, was when I was reading about “Intermittent fasting”. Which is when you have a time period you eat and when you dont. Normally a 16:8 or a 14:10 ratio. 16 hrs fast and 8 hrs feed. Or there are many other ways you can do it. And also different types of fasting. But we can get into that another time.
However, reading these articles about IF was telling me it does not matter if you eat your daily calories over 2-3 or 6 meals. Some even say you can consume it in one sitting, but do not think many people would be able to eat 2000 -/+ kcal in one meal(Which I do not think is a good thing to do anyway). As we are not saying eat whatever you want here, still consuming nutritious whole foods are important. Also note 2000 kcal of chicken and broccoli is significant more in volume than a pizza.

Anyway, doing some further research I found some studies that slams the frequent feeding off the horse:

In one study they had two test groups, one consuming 6 meals a day and the other 3 meals a day. What they found that there were no difference in fat oxidation for the two test groups. But what they did find was that the subjects eating 6 meals per day, felt more hunger and less satisfied and would have a desire to eat more = more energy consumed = weight gain right?

In another study the two test subject groups where again eating 6 or 3 meals a day, with the same amount of calories consumed. This was tested on obese men and women, both groups lost weight, but there was no indication saying the high meal frequency speeded up the metabolism.

So why are we still being told to eat 6 meals per day? If anyone does have the answer to this, I would love to hear about it, or have any newer studies that disproves this.

Do I support this? I support what the data says. I do not think 1-2 meals per day is optimal, but if that works for you and you have a healthy relationship with your food and yourself great. And the same if you eat 6 or 8 meals per day. Always remember to do what is optimal for you and your health. But frequent feeding does not speed up your metabolism or have any other health benefits.
I think we should all stop complicating things and go back to basic. Hungry? Eat. Satisfied? Stop. Repeat cycle.

(This blogpost was just a very brief comment on this subject. I would like to go into more detail later)