One thing I learned when I was on the carb cycling diet – I HATE counting calories. Although, I kinda already knew this, but now I really made up my mind that I do not like it. It makes me obsessed about food, what I’m eating, how much, constantly afraid of eating too much, too little. This is not what I classify as healthy.

I started off the second attempt on the carb cycling, with a plan that I was going to count every calorie ingested. I had sat up a macro plan, and I started off counting and weighing every single piece of food. After a few days, I threw in the towel and stopped it. After that, I just counted calories by eyesight. To be honest, the carb cycling diet is based on that you count your calories – to get the optimal effect of it. But sorry, this is not for me. I’m doing these experiments to be based on that the diet can fit into a daily lifestyle. Unless you are extreme with your fitness goals, competition prepping or are a fitness model for a living – I do not think calorie counting is an ideal way for people to live by. Maybe some, but not the majority.

The aim of diet: See what manipulation of carbohydrates can do with fat loss and lean body mass.

Difficulty: When calorie counting – difficult. When having just the base of some days you eat high carbs and other days low – pretty easy


Overall feeling: Pretty good, simple to follow. Although certain days when you wanted carbs and it was a low carb day, I got pretty upset. But overall good.


Other comments: Simple to follow when not calorie counting and a great tool for weight loss.

In the end, I think I lost about 2 kg in 30 days. However, I believe I added some muscle on too (I do not have a measurement tool for this).
Sorry no photos this time! (Im terrible at taking before and after photos.)

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Hi, blog!

Last few weeks have been very busy! Uni is full with group work, assignments and exam studying. AND! I’ve got a new EXCITING job! My dream job in fact. And you guessed it, it is nutrition related. I will tell you more about that later.

Anyhow, if you follow me on my facebook page you know I decided to do the carb cycling diet all over again as I got the flu the final week. So I’ve started on it again this week, and I am going to be more strict about it this time.

I decided to start off with 3 days of juicing and all natural foods. The reason why is to get myself into a fat loss state of mind, meaning I want to see results quick to keep myself on track and motivated. And just by a day 1kg down and feeling leaner! It’s soon summer folks!

Bought myself a juicer over the weekend, and I must say, it looks great in the kitchen and it makes amazing juices.

To find out the recipe for this juice above, have a look at my Facebook page!

snapchat-1174246073235383691.jpgsnapchat-7093882726569029543.jpg2 of my meals yesterday. Good, nutritious dense food. Recipes on my Instagram and Facebook page.

Happy Tuesday!


Hi lovely people!

Hope your life is great and your health is even better!

I’m just over 2 weeks into the carb cycling diet – and I’m honestly finding it a bit hard (and not really showing any results). I find myself changing the low carb/high carb days all the time as a reason of meals out or other social things I have to attend. One thing for sure is that having a low carb on Friday is not a clever option for me. I know this diet is a good weight loss tool – however I think you have to be a bit stricter than what I have been so far. Will updated more later!

Moving on, I have shared this before – but this is cannot be shared enough! My favorite breakfast ever. Or lunch. Even dinner sometimes.. Protein pancakes! I eat these all the time! Even when I’ve been on a bikini prep!


1 scoop vanilla protein pancakes

40-50 g oatmeal (just normal oats mixed into flour)

2 egg whites (you can also cut out the egg whites and just use milk)

1/2 tsp baking powder


Any kind of milk (or water) until you get the right consistency. (try little by little) (I use coconut or almond milk) PS! If you have added too much liquid, don’t worry! Let the pancake mix settle for a few minutes and it will get a thicker consistency as the oats works like a sponge!

Mix together in a food processor. Spray with 1 kcal butter spray on a medium to hot pan – in the pan until golden on each side, serve with bananas and strawberries (my favorite) or any fruit or berries and have a SUPER healthy high protein breakfast to start your day.

NB! Make sure you have a good quality whey protein for a better flavour! Some actually taste horrible.









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As mentioned in my previous blog post, I said I was going to do carb cycling a little bit different from what everyone else does. I am having my high carb days on rest days and the day after heavy tranining sessions. And I’ll tell you why:

So lets say you train late afternoon/evening – you have eaten maybe 60-70 % of your total food intake that day  – you go to the gym, you do your heavy workout, you go home and have a meal or 2. The next day you’re having a low carb day…
Lets get some facts straight first.

  1. To build muscles you need to eat more food than usual. As the muscles needs energy to build up the muscles tissues you just teared up. 
  2. When you eat a meal, it doesn’t digest right away. It (normally) takes around 6-8 hours (of course this depending on the meal, if you are male/female etc) for it to be fully absorbed and digested.
  3. The average time for muscle recovery is 48 hours
  4. After lifting weights you’re (hopefully) in an anabolic state and your metabolism is on a higher speed than usual.
  5. If not enough food is ingested the body have to use stored fat or protein or/and muscle tissue for fuel.
  6. Stored body fat cannot be transformed to muscles
  7.  Carbs promotes faster recovery, prevent muscle breakdown and helps support muscle growth.

That being said, it should make absolutely sense why you should eat MORE food the day AFTER  a heavy training day??

No? Still not clear yet? Right let’s try to explain:

Your muscles need more food after you’ve been lifting as it needs it to support muscle growth. If you are having a low carb day after your heavy lifting day there is not enough food to support this and your body will need to use stored fat or protein/muscle tissue as a reserve. What does this mean?

You might burn more fat, BUT you might not build muscles as fast or maybe not at all.

Another thing to mention is that if you have a high carb day on heavy training days you might just burn off all the food you’ve been consuming all day and not use stored body fat for fuel.

Fuck, if that doesn’t make sense to you I don’t know.

But Dina, I need carbs for energy to support my heavy leg sesh – Shut up. Most of this is all in your head. You do not have to go zero carb on low carb days, and you should get more than enough food and energy during that day for your workout. Have a coffee pre gym if you need a bit of a boost. (PS. On your high carb days you are putting more fuel in your body for the next days training sesh)

All that being said, this isn’t something new I just figured out in my head. I know that some coaches uses this approach (as I’ve worked with one), but they don’t say this out loud, obviously.

But why isn’t everyone saying the opposite to what I just said? Honestly I don’t know, I might be completely wrong. But for me this sounds like the more logical approach.

And for a final note, who really wants to have a rest day with no carbs? Like seriously?

Note* If you are training in the morning I would go for a high carb day that day and a moderate one the following day.


Morning guys!

Yesterday I started a new diet – carb cycling. This is a very popular diet in the fitness world, both in a normal everyday diet as well as a competition diet.

Theres been a few times I’ve tried to do it, but fallen off as it does require a bit of planning. You do have to plan out your meals and you do need to count macros to some extent. Although, I’m quite happy to do this now as I miss a proper diet and training routine.

This is how I’m going to do it:

Monday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Tuesday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Wednesday: High carb – ca 200 g
Thursday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Friday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Saturday: High carb – ca 200-250 g
Sunday: High carb ca 200 g

I’m going to keep my protein intake pretty steady ca 140-160g a day and ca. 50 g of fat (and add a bit more on low carb days)

There is so many different ways you can do carb cycling. You can have low and high days, low, moderate and high or no carb, moderate and high. There is no “perfect” way to do it, although you have to find the perfect way to do it for your body. I do not know the way I’ve sat up my diet is ideal or not. That’s why I am going to play around with it, see what the first week does – do I have to add or take away carbs? Do I have to change the days? Just that being said – there is a few meals planned out on days that I have decided is going to be a low carb day, so then I will change the days around.

In simple terms the idea of carb cycling is that you are meant to “shock” the body with the sudden high amount of carb intake. Which in theory will cause your metabolism to easier utilize stored fat for energy and not carbohydrates and protein.

As well they say that this is the optimal diet for both getting lean and adding muscles.

I am going to change-up my training program as well, and follow a few tips I got from my DNA analysis. I will share this with you this week.

One thing I’m doing differently is to have heavy training days on low carb days (normally they say have high carb days on heavy training days) – and I will tell you why in the next blog post.

Stay tuned 🙂

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