So Ross aka Kritikos Health left a comment on my summary of The Rebuild diet. He asked what food groups I have reintroduced and how I’ve done it. In all honesty, I havent done it in a certain pattern. There is of course still some foods I havent eaten yet, eggs to give you one example. But I have pretty much gone back to a “normal” diet. And I can’t say I have noticed any difference. At all. Although, I would consider myself as a pretty food tolerant person. I’ve been food poisoned maybe once in my life(touch wood) and have never really had an issue with any food that I consume. I eat food until it looks, smells or taste funny, I don’t follow the use by or best before date. My dad always said to me if it doesn’t look, smell or taste funny its okay to eat. And I honestly think that is the best approach to lower your food waste.

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So here is the summary of the Rebuild diet. The only thing I will not include are before and after photos and weight. As I originally was going to do this, but I changed my mind as this is not a diet to live on. Or a quick weight loss tool. I did lose a bit of weight in the beginning, but after week 2 I felt like I actually gained a bit of weight. And this was probably because of my high fruit consumption but also and most importantly I only went to the gym 3 times the first week of the diet. But if I only ate protein and vegetables for the 3 weeks, I would most definitely lose a lot of weight.

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After much consideration, I decided to break the diet ten days before. And my reason for this is that I did not feel my best on this diet. First week I was struggling with severe caffeine withdrawals and the following two weeks I have had a bad cold. Probably just pure coincidence, however my daily energy intake has been fairly lower than when I go to the gym. As you probably understood – I havent been in the gym for the past two weeks.(eek!)

And after calculating how much money I have spent on food the past three weeks and considering my cold is away and I will be back in the gym and my food intake will increase. I simply cannot afford it. Guess how much I’ve spent? Nearly 240 pounds!
? In three weeks! But I do eat a bit more than an average person. But 240 pounds on veg, meat and fruit in three weeks..! Jesus!

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So we are 2 weeks in to the rebuild diet and I absolutely hate it. And I cant wait to be finished with it. 1st week I went through terrible caffeine withdrawals, 2nd week I somehow managed to get a cold and we are now in the beginning of week 3, the cold is still there and for the past 2 weeks I have only been to the gym 3 times(!!). If you are a gym bunny you can only imagine how much I itch to get back. I do apologise for the late update, but I have pretty much just spent my time indoors over the weekend with my face glued to the TV. You can say I didn’t really have anything exciting to share or was any inspired to write.

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I went to the gym today to do a light full body workout – 40 minutes in the gym and I hated every second of it. Even though I do love going to the gym, sometimes I do not enjoy it. Especially if I’m not feeling 100 %. Still have a small dull headache time to time and also I woke up Wednesday morning feeling of a shooting pain in my spine and it hasn’t gotten any better. And I have no idea why that have happened, but hopefully it will pass, fingers crossed. So because of that I wasn’t particularly enjoying the gym. But please note I do take caution in the gym if I’m injured.

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