Full name:
Dina Celina Danielsen
177 cm (5’10)
Norwegian (Fredrikstad – born and raised)
Current location:
Edinburgh, Scotland
Currently on 2nd year BSc Hons Nutrition, Queen Margaret University
How many Bikini Fitness competition have you entered?
2014 IFBB Canarias, Tenerife 3rd place
2015 UKBFF Scottish Championship 2nd place
Will you compete again?
What is your aim with “The Diet experiment”?
I want to experience what different diets and food combinations can do to your health and body. I want to get a deeper understanding of each diet and find the ideal way of eating and living.
How long will The Diet Experiment take?
1 year +
Which diets will you try during The Diet Experiment?
– The Anabolic Diet
– Full Keto (start with fat fasting)
– Carb Cycling
– Rebuild Diet
– Vegetarian
–Vegan(might reconsider)
– Intermittent fasting
– Carb nite
– The Blood Type Diet
(But this list is can change)

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