This was shared on my facebook page some time back – 2 of my own recipes was published in the Daily Mail! I absolutely love creating new recipes, from scratch or by inspiration from other recipes. Cooking is no doubt one of my favorite things to do. Dream job would definitely be having my own cooking show! dream goal Continue reading “A SALAD YOU SIMPLY MUST TRY!”



Right now, I’m loving life, I’ve got a clear head, I feel ambitious, I feel ready, I’m happy. 

Last few months have been stress. Capable stress, but stressy. I’m half through my university degree, summer is nearly here and I have a new job! And it is one of my dream job (worth to mention I have quite a few dream jobs) !

So what’s my new job? I work as a freelancer – I work at home (how great is that!) – got myself a fancy new desk and a more good-looking than a comfortable chair. I’m working for Amanda Hamilton. A well-known nutritionist here in the UK. You can say I was over the moon when I managed to get into the world of nutrition before graduating!

So what do I do – mainly what I love – recipe development, food photography and some other bits and bobs. You can say that my fridge is stocked up with nutritious food all the time. (I’m not complaining tho.)


Now, with more time on my hands, I hope to put more effort into this forgotten blog. Share with you my knowledge and inspire you to make a difference in your life.

Will I continue on my diet experiment – yes I would like to. But right now I’m not going to jump on another one. I’m actually itching to compete again this year – so might start prepping in June. We will see.


Make it a fit day people!

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